George Williams College

Brand Development, Logo Development

George Williams College is located on Lake Geneva in Wisconsin. Its resort-like campus is comfortable, beautiful, and makes you want to move in and write your novel. However, it is also owned by Aurora University. But that’s not the bad part. The bad part is Aurora simply slapped their branding upon GWC, and that was a brand disconnect. Aurora University’s blue and gold beats plate was more ivy league and not representative of the GWC vibe.

They came to us to change that; to get at the heart and should of who they really were. With a transcendent call to service, GWC was about helping others. Their competition was not other universities, but rather, the Peace Corps. I developed this identification system. They found themselves.


Core ID
We are born not for ourselves alone, but for the whole world.

Brand Promise
If you are here to help humankind through hard work, determination and responsibility, we are here for you.

Brand Essence