Brand Development, Package Design


This small, Jackson, Wisconsin, company came to us in need of new packaging ideas. The product itself is excellent; organic, raw, GF, high quality snack food. The existing packaging was pastel, loud and positioned itself as a kids’ school lunch snack (wrong market). We began talking about brand. After going through an entire audit, workshop and infrastructure rebuild, we came out the other side with a whole new position: The snack of choice for active, serious adults committed to improving their lives.

We determined they were a Magician brand. Magicians are focused on change; a transition to something better. We crafted the idea of evolution and the tagline, “Evolve,” came to be. The color palette came from ingredients: the banana yellow, the chocolate brown and the kale green came to the forefront. From there, we dove into packaging, photo shoots and producing the new Gorilly Goods brand.

The client is thrilled and has embraced the new direction. They took my advice about donating to a gorilla charity, and are looking for bike race sponsorship opportunities as well. Zac Jacobson, art director, designed the logo system and we, as a team, directed the shoot and designed the packaging. Scott Winklebleck developed the GG site.



Core ID
Discover who you are and go be it.

Brand Promise
Gorilly Goods is here to help.

Brand Essence