Pro Bono Storytelling

Pathfinders Milwaukee is a vital, safe resource for homeless teens. They have positively affected the lives of thousands of inner city youth. They provide shelter, food, clothes, showers, job resources and long term housing for kids who have been thrown away, for lack of a better term.

As a part of Boelter + Lincoln’s 40th Anniversary, we launched “The 40-Hour Work Week” contest. We sent the word out to non-profits across the area to receive free work from us. We got at least 25 qualified entries and found the best fit for our time and talents: Pathfinders. We provided video storytelling services, PR and social media expertise to forward their cause.

Andrew Kazlauskas and I interviewed several teens getting help from Pathfinders. We shot and edited their stories with the kids speaking for themselves. These were played to great effect at their annual fundraiser. It was an incredible experience and very rewarding personally.