Advanced Pain Management

Brand Development

APM had an expectation problem. Patients would see the advertising with a friendly, smiling doctor and assume the experience would match that of their family doc. They would go in and the experience was quite different. People would be disappointed by the lack of bedside manner. You see, APM docs are much more like scientists than doctors. They have a non-stopping need to find truth; the answer.

They will work harder than anyone to make your life pain free, but they will do it with all the tenacity of a serious scientist. They had a brand workshop, and we uncovered many truths ourselves. First and foremost, setting expectations needed to be addressed. One of the first things we did was retake the doctors photos. No smiling, at least not big smiles, were allowed. We adjusted the color palette, nailed down type and message, and developed a brand that makes perfect sense.



Core ID
The best never give up.

Brand Promise
Pain management without equal.

Brand Essence