Wisconsin Dells

Brand Focus, Campaign Development

I’ve worked on the Wisconsin Dells account for about a decade. Their brand, organically, was mostly fun and excitement, but they used to be all over the place emotionally. Switching their look, feel and music every couple years, the brand was slowly growing, but not getting traction on any one front.

We went through our branding process and found the Jester brand they should be. It’s all about outrageous fun and living “The Waterpark Capital of the World!” We fully developed their brand infrastructure and then developed a campaign to pay that off.

“Splashbacks” were vacationers memories come to life. Once they interacted with water, the memory of a past Dells vacation took them over. We produced six spots that have been on air for over 6 years now. During the campaign run, the brand has grown over 35%. We also redesigned their website, built an app and each fall we publish a magazine, complete with editorial content and destination information.



Core ID
Strengthening family bonds though water park fun.

Brand Promise
The Waterpark Capital of the World!

Brand Essence