Okay, you’ve been on a car trip. You drive to Indianapolis or Columbus or wherever and when you get out of the car to fill up, the temperature is very different since the last time you were out. Especially driving North to South or vice versa, the temp varies from stop to stop – but NOT on a motorcycle.

On two wheels, if it’s getting colder and colder, you feel each variance and you just gotta cowboy up.

Today, was not only was it cold, it was raining. Basically the one thing I was frightened about this trip happened most of today. On one hand, it wasn’t anything to worry about, and on the other, I nearly wiped out entering St. Louis. Hours later, I still am chilled.

The spirits were up though.

This group is hilarious and a joy to be around. Music, jokes and inappropriate commentary keep the miles short. The fellas come from many different places. Our bunch boasts a psychologist, a bar owner, an office manager, a truck driver, a H-D service manager, and a creative director (me) – among others. But we hang together within the context of our cycles.

And today we hung out in some cold, crappy weather.

Once we parked the bikes at the hotel this afternoon, we did not want to go out again. So, it was drinks in the bar, some quick unpacking and an early dinner. Later, we hit another bar here at Union Station in St. Louis and got a little too loud.

Tomorrow we head back to Milwaukee. I miss our town and I’m glad whenever we’ve answered the question, “Where y’all from?” But for now, I’m cold, I’m exhausted and I need some sleep. Night.